Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fruit Lovers!!! Yummy Low Fat Banana Soft Serve Raw Vegan Style!! :)

Hey Fruit Lovers!!

I have been LOVING my Ataulfo mangoes lately!  They are so sweet and juicy!  I get them at my local Sam's Club by the box.  They are often green and it takes a good week to week and a half to get to that orange-colored ripeness!  I still wish I had a local fruit wholesaler who was willing to sell to me as an individual buyer.  Oh well!  I'm still grateful that I can get tropical fruit in Asheville, NC!

I just put up a video on YouTube called "Low Fat Banana Soft Serve".  It is so easy and yummy!  JUST BANANAS!!  Check it out:

I am going to be getting busy in the kitchen with some summer yummies, so be on the lookout for more videos, tips, tricks and FRUIT!!!                                                                    Xoxoxo,  Traci

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Very Fruity Birthday Surprise!!

Hello Fruit Lovers!!

I had the best surprise 40th birthday party ever!  My parents and brother/fam came from Florida and my sister came from Greenville, SC (I live in Asheville, NC) along with my beautiful friends.  My husband took me to what I thought was going to be a quiet lunch at Hana's Japanese restaurant.  I starting walking to the back of the restaurant with my husband and daughter, when I looked up and saw this huge group of people that I love yell "SURPRISE!!!"  I was so excited!!  I feel humbled and grateful that all of these people came to one spot just for me.  My friends from my Tae Kwon Do practice, my friends from my NIA dance practice, and my friends that I know through my daughter's school all gathered.

One of my friends, Anne Z. Johnson, is a certified Culinarian and has a personal chef service.  She specialized in making a complete healthy dinner for you. Well, my wonderful husband arranged to have Anne make two ALL FRUIT, ONLY FRUIT birthday cakes for me!  He told her the fruits I like and she put her creative skills to work!  She made me the most delicious, beautiful "fruit cakes" that looked like they belonged in a glass case at Whole Foods Market!  She used cantaloupe as the bowl to hold the layers of papaya, strawberry, and banana.  She blended strawberry and medjool dates (SWOON) for the frosting and delicately accented the cake with sliced strawberries, pineapple slices, and papaya balls.  Thank you, Anne, for the sweet and delicious birthday gift.  I will never forget it!  :)  If you would like to talk to Anne about a specialty food service, she can be reached via:

Blog:      personalchefanne.blogspot.com
Email:     annezjohnson@gmail.com.
Phone:    (828) 299-4883.


All Fruit!!

The Most Delicious Birthday Cake I've Had!!

I Had the Leftovers in One Sitting!!