Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fruit Lovers!!! Yummy Low Fat Banana Soft Serve Raw Vegan Style!! :)

Hey Fruit Lovers!!

I have been LOVING my Ataulfo mangoes lately!  They are so sweet and juicy!  I get them at my local Sam's Club by the box.  They are often green and it takes a good week to week and a half to get to that orange-colored ripeness!  I still wish I had a local fruit wholesaler who was willing to sell to me as an individual buyer.  Oh well!  I'm still grateful that I can get tropical fruit in Asheville, NC!

I just put up a video on YouTube called "Low Fat Banana Soft Serve".  It is so easy and yummy!  JUST BANANAS!!  Check it out:

I am going to be getting busy in the kitchen with some summer yummies, so be on the lookout for more videos, tips, tricks and FRUIT!!!                                                                    Xoxoxo,  Traci

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