Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fruit challenges and Fruit Wins!!

Hey Fruit Friends,

I would like to post a "Fruit Challenge" as well as a "Fruit Win" because I find that I face so many challenges trying to stay on the 80/10/10 lifestyle, ranging from social pressures to financial difficulties.  I also know that I am thankful for my health convictions and that I am free to make my own choices about what to put in my body.  With that, I begin my daily entries:

FRUIT CHALLENGE:  I really want to find a large fruit wholesaler who will sell to me as an individual (not necessarily as a business) and also have the variety of fruit that I want.  I particularly love papayas and durian.  Have you seen the videos by Michael Arnstein, the Fruitarian, where he goes to a huge wholesaler in Brooklyn, NY?  He gets a ton of fruit for cheap and sometimes free because the wholesaler ordered too much and or they have some boxes leftover and it's not enough to sell to stores.  It seems that I don't have quite that good a gig here in Asehville, NC.  I do have the Western North Carolina Farmer's Market that contains 2 wholesalers, but it seems they just want to sell to businesses.

FRUIT WIN:  Did a little dumpster diving at my local salvage grocery store (actually it's just a small box they throw "overly ripe" fruit in as they are stocking.  I grabbed a bunch of cucumber, tomatoes, and apples that were actually perfectly ripe!!  Check your local grocery store and see if they have similar "dump boxes" and SCORE!!!!     ~Love, Traci                                                                                


  1. Hey, Traci, good posting. Here's a couple of thoughts. I know you mentioned that you want the wholesaler to sell to you as an individual, but you also consider starting a 'cooperative', in which you form a like-minded group and make purchases. This might give you some price leverage, as well as burden-sharing to accomplish the mission of the team.

    Another thought is to re-approach the local wholesalers and offer to include them as 'contributors' in your Blog in exchange for an opportunity to scour their reject box....uh, no dumpster-diving :)

    We are launching an effort to establish a low cholesterol/fat diet. While this is a serious attempt, we will reserve a day or two of the week for a looser, yet healthy, diet. You might consider the same, as this should ease the squeeze on your wallet, while still being a fruiter.

  2. Great ideas, dad! I actually know of a few locals who might be interested in joining my efforts! Power in numbers! I'm so glad you are attempting a LF/Low cholesterol diet! I know your heart will thank you!
    I wonder if you could use the same applications in your efforts with trying to get monthly articles published, grants, etc. Perhaps having a few hearing challenged people with you will gain some sympathetic understanding. I love your advice!