Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey friends of the fruit!  My name is Traci and I enjoy a healthy and abundant lifestyle following the 80/10/10 low fat raw vegan diet.  The 80 stands for 80% carbohydrates, primarily from fresh, ripe organic fruits.  The 10 stands for 10% protein, primarily from dark, leafy organic greens.  The other 10 stands for 10% fat, primarily from soft fruits, such as avocado and coconut meat, some nuts and seeds.  These foods give me the energy that I want for my daily activities.  I know that I am eating the healthiest diet in the world because I live off the land.  I know that I am caring for my environment and the animals by not eating dairy or animal meat.  I never restrict my calories, as I eat abundantly until I am satisfied.  I love to share my fruit experiences with you through my Youtube videos and now I can share with you via this blog!  :)         ~Traci

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